Moon Juice, Moon Juice, Moon Juice… “Have you tried Moon Juice, over on the Westside?” people would always say to me. I had always answered no, mainly due to the fact that I was an Eastsider and it felt way to far to go for a juice. Then it happened, Moon Juice found its way East right into the heart of Silverlake. I had no more excuses. Walking into the new store, I understood what all the fuss was about. It was not your ordinary juice bar, I could tell there was a lifestyle behind this with a strong following. I was impressed by the variations of juices and moon milks, but what got me was the use of adaptogens in their drinks. I was warped into a time lapse…


Many moons ago, prebaby, premarriage I was living a very healthy holistic lifestyle. If you are an LA local, then at some point I am sure you have walked the isles of Erehwon and if you used to go to the tonic bar you may recall

a man named Truth. Since Truth was so convincing that tonics and herbs could heal almost anything within the body and mind, I had to give it a try and before I knew it I was hooked. A tonic bar junkie with a social scene to match. I started on The Body Ecology Diet and it changed my life. My skin was radiant, my energy levels booming and my libido was very active… I was also 22!! Cut to love, marriage, baby making. it all slipped away rapidly. No more herbs, no more tonics. More like tacos and guacamole three times a week . As I mentioned in my ‘Skinny Fat’ post getting pregnant was a chance to jump back on the lets get healthy kick. Now I really cared, as I was caring for this beautiful growing being inside me. I really wanted to dive in hardcore but there was no more Truth at the tonic bar and I did not know where to turn for answers. There has been such little education on pregnancy and the use of tonics and herbs. Local juice bars didn’t have the answers either, I was lost. I was so out of the game, I was unsure of where else to turn. I went with my instincts, read up on most to see which seemed the safest. Overall what I ended up feeling comfortable with was just basic juicing, teas and I kept up my E3 live shots. I have sort of just continued on the same path postpartum.


I didn’t know what was safe whilst breastfeeding and then the exhaustion hit from being a new mom, I was also snacking hard on carbs. I was not looking after myself as my babies needs came first. Now three years after giving birth, I am tired of being tired, I’m bored of complaining about how my body doesn’t look the same and sick of getting sick from a preschooler! Coming in to the New Year I set some serious life changing intentions for myself, which all consist of self care. It is time to put my needs first. If it means setting my alarm an extra 20 minutes earlier to wake up before everyone else to meditate, have my coffee and be dressed before the chaos begins, then so be it. I have challenged myself to work out every day my daughter is at preschool, if I go straight from school to a class I have no excuses. So on and so on… Making achievable goals to get healthy and fit.


Along with exercise and meditation, comes diet. I cut out processed sugar and flour but I want to go deeper again, not with a diet but a way of living and loving food. I decided to start with what made me feel good to boost my moral. I was craving the herbs and as the year was coming to a close, I stepped in to Moon Juice in Silverlake to grab a mango lassi. As I was window shopping through the carefully curated products around the store, I noticed a new range had launched by Moon Juice. As I looked at each label I got so excited to see all my old herbs from the tonic bar, reishi, pearl, cordocyeps, maca, and their own Protein powders. I have been dying to reach out to Amanda to do a feature on Moon Juice but was waiting for a good concept for the blog to come to mind. And now here it was. I knew Amanda was a mother, with a toddler so she would be able to offer some incredible insight on how to use these herbs pregnant, breastfeeding, postpartum and also for your babes… I could finally offer this advice to my readers and also share my journey starting these herbs again…




Photos by Lauren Moore



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