2016 SO FAR…


2016 you have let me know who’s boss and I fully surrender. I can’t seem to catch a break. Entering the New Year I believed the previous 8 weeks were behind me, it was a time for reflection and to dive deeper into self. I needed time to process and catch up with my emotions. The strength which unraveled to get me through was now slowly peeling away, leaving me pretty raw. However, I have a household to run, a career to show up for, a stepson to juggle, a 4 year old who needs some serious hand holding and a husband who needs his ego brushed. Oh wait it doesn’t stop there, our 8yr old pup just got diagnosed with a bone tumor and has been given 2-6months. Cut to a nasty virus running through the nostrils of everyone in LA, wiping out the whole family including my mom, which resulted in us back in hospital. Meanwhile my husbands away, I’m on a location shoot and coco is, well, tired of being played like a pawn. All rules are out, bribes are in. Trying to care and compensate for everyone kind of takes its toll but motherhood https://www.viagrasansordonnancefr.com/viagra-naturel/ has given me the ability to just keep showing up, no matter what. I am not sure where this kind of strength has hidden all these years, but is exists in times of desperation. My nervous system is running for the hills though. The thing about being a mother is I’ve become a good caretaker, however, the taking care of myself part always seems to be on the back burner. I’m exhausted, stressed, anxious and I swear I’ve added an extra 5lbs to my waistline. Comfort eating in the long term is not good stress management. Throughout it all the one person I want to protect from all the discomfort, is my sweet girl. Sadly, I recognized a shift in my daughter’s emotional well being, she is dealing with her own sense of anxiety. From emergency play dates to midnight pick ups. ‘Daddy is gone, big brother is gone, granny ‘omi’ is in the hospital, mom is distracted. ‘ Sometimes doing our best can still be heartbreaking. Through this journey I have had to learn that kids are resilient. Being there for them once the storm has ended, with big open arms is most comforting. Getting back to our usual routine and the consistency she knows, makes her world feel secure again. I see her easing back into the land of play, where she believes in the good of the world and allows her worries to slowly blow away. Watching her dance, twirling into the sunset. I know that we are going to be ok and we are just going to keep moving forward to see what the rest of this year has in stall for us. Like celebrating birthdays and the birth of my new nephew, which reminds me how many gifts we https://www.acheterviagrafr24.com/prix-du-viagra/ receive for living this wonderful life.


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